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Network file sharing includes a SMB client (Samba) for Windows files shares on LAN, a FTP client for internet connections, and a SSH client (SFTP). Zip archive extraction is included as well.

Supports tabs, so you can open multiple folders at the same time. It is also a task manager allowing switching to other programms you have opened, or close or uninstall them. Launched applications are also in the taskbar. There is also an alternative to Start Menu button: the Applications link in the side menu will list all applications installed.

It also has built-in file viewers: -3DViewer is a 3ds viewer and an obj viewer, for opening 3D objects files. -ImageViewer is a PNG viewer, JPG viewer, GIF viewer, BMP viewer, TGA viewer ( TARGA ), TIF viewer ( TIFF ), DDS viewer ( DXT ), for opening image files. -MediaPlayer is a video and audio player for many file types, like mkv, wmv, mp4, avi and more. -Image Editor is a powerful tool witch supports multiple layers&projects, actions, undo/redo and more.

This is a BETA release!